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    The market today is driving telecom companies - service providers and product firms - to capture market share through technology leadership and customer service. As telecom markets enter an era of consolidation and further regulatory changes, developing new products and services in wire line and wireless sectors is still a priority.

    Experience K-Soft K-Soft's clientele in the telecom includes the World's Second Largest Telecommunication Testing Equipment Manufacturing Company - Acterna Plc, Plymouth, UK. This project covers the extended development of Framework Library (HFC) on VX Works Embedded Platform using GNU C++ for enhancing the features of the GSM Testing Device. Various functionalities in terms of GUI like Graph Control, Tree Control, Port Scanner etc. has been incorporated in the said device. Apart from this K-Soft India has developed a Customized Dialer Manager for most of the leading Internet Service Provider in Ahmedabad, India where K-Soft India has its Offshore Software Development Center. The software involved installing a customized connection manager on the users desktop, which lets him connect to the internet. It establishes connection to remote RAS servers using RAS API. This is used by Dial-up users for establishing Internet connections. It automatically detects presence of modem and if not present, it installs the drivers. Supports both Windows 95 and Windows NT. It also detects dial-up networking in case of Win 95 and Win 98. It also allows user to change the skin of the connection dialer.