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    There are 4 processes of Search Engine Registration

    1. Site Review
    After consulting with you, and thoroughly reviewing the site, we will recommend design and technical modifications. The key to this project is determining the most productive keywords/categories, building optimized supplemental pages around them, evaluating results, and then resubmitting periodically. We make sure our efforts are focused and effective.

    • After agreement on basic strategy, the entire site is analyzed for: Existing site-page related/query related factors, other factors that stop indexing or have enhanced, then decide on to launch a promo site or doorway pages etc.,
    • Keyword combination analysis: We help you find all keyword combinations that bear any relation to your business or service - many of which you might never have considered.
    • Present search engine and directory positioning.
    • Whether the project needs promo domain or only doorway pages or any other special techniques of SEO.
    • This will be followed by Reciprocal links addition. We will add 15 to 20 links from relevant sites through Link Exchange programs. On completion we will then go ahead with the submission to the search engines.

    1. Search Engine Optimization
    Search engine optimization is a process of improving a web site for higher search engine rankings. It's the first step in achieving higher rankings. Only after search engine optimization, the submission to search engines yields better results. Search engine optimization is the fundamental part of Internet marketing strategy. We produce a risk-free search engine optimization campaign using innovative and widely accepted Search Engine Optimization techniques.

    • Page related and key word related - For the general site submission, a list of all relevant keywords and a short description of the site is worked into the Meta tags.
    • The entire html code will be analyzed and the relevant html coding will be revised to be SE friendly.
    • Design efficiency (Designing your key pages so that you have the best chance to be well represented by the top search engines and directories).
    • Doorway page (Doorway pages are pages specially optimized for each search engine and 1-3 keywords) Construction.
    • Promo site preparation depending on your needs.
    • Content in the page.

    3. Search Engine Submission

    • All pages will then be submitted (manually, one at a time) continuously, to each of the top 20 search engines as given below: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, AltaVista, Netscape, Excite, Lycos, Fast Search, Ask Jeeves, Direct Hit, Go/Infoseek, GoTo.com, HotBot, Go2net.com, Iwon, NBCi, OpenDirectory, LookSmart and WebCrawler
    • The site will also be submitted to up to 700,00 other SEs and Directories (according to site content) either by hand or semi-automatically via a software utility.
    • Many of the search engines will then automatically index the other pages of the site. This will give your site a wide exposure to many sources of Internet search and make your site accessible (findable) to millions of Internet users.
    • Since search results typically can be over 1,000,000 pages long, it is imperative to be listed near the top to even have a chance of being noticed and your page accessed. At this stage, it is to be noted that nobody can guarantee a high listing (within the first 30) in the search results from any of the search engines, but we will use all our expertise to ensure that your site gets the attention that it deserves and reaches the top eventually.

    4. Positional reporting

    • We will keep on monitoring your site listings in all major search engines.
    • Every month we forward a brief search engine ranking report.
    • Comparative position analysis report with previous month listing details is also available in our professional plan.