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    The Internet is transforming the global services industry and its sectors. Thanks to networked applications and e-commerce, new business models are emerging in the services industry and competition is escalating. In this new environment, traditional institutions must rethink, redefine, and reengineer the way they serve and support their customers and conduct business within their organizations. Visionary services organizations around the world are deploying Web-based applications that help develop new delivery channels, provide competitive customer care through Internet-enabled call centers and online interfaces, and ensure fast delivery of new products and services. In addition, companies are developing sophisticated, high-speed networks to connect physical locations with customers worldwide, and they are consolidating point-to-point connections onto a single Internet Protocol backbone.

    Experience K-Soft
    K-Soft has a vast experience in services market. This include varied industry services ranging from web services management to web based portals development to services in Residential Gateways and content based e-marketing products. K-Soft exposure to web based portals development includes project management software with mobile counterpart intended for artisans, ticketing services with barcodes integration, appointment management and generic resource booking services. Our Offshore Software Development Centre in India K-Soft India has also provided solutions for generalized statistical analysis tools that can interact with different types of data sources including database, excel worksheets and CSV files; this solution also provides the rich analytical ways with charting tools. K-Soft has gone to it's excellence in providing Residential Gateways solution based on OSGI framework that gives the ability to control home appliances through internet connected devices like PDAs and mobile phones. Another area in which K-Soft has worked a lots includes Content based e-marketing services using it's efficient mass mailer and processing solutions; these solutions uses effective mass mailing engines that are result of the past years of experience of K-Soft in this field.