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    Most companies truly believe they are customer-focused, but most companies are still very product centered—they still develop products and services and then search for customers. The challenge, then, is to shift their thinking to a more customer-focused world—where they create new products and services that follow the customer's lead. To make that shift, however, companies will have to change their core-operating model. The biggest challenge about implementing a CRM application is that to ensure you have a system, which is able to reach to the existing as well as potential customers and cater to their individual needs.

    At K-Soft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are developed using the latest and the most appropriate technology by our CRM experts. These solutions help enterprises get new customers and retain existing clients by allowing management to track service staff performance and workload, providing an effective and seamless connectivity between customers and staff. The end result is that management can make informed business decisions based on the information and statistics.

    Experience K-Soft
    K-Soft has proven expertise and experience in designing and developing Web enabled/client server applications. We implement two-tier and three-tier / multi-tier client-server applications for over Enterprise networks / Intranets. We offer benefits to our clients by Providing GUI / web front-ends to legacy mainframe systems, distributed computing - resulting in faster processing of complex application logic.

    Some of the Features K-Soft India has implemented in CRM for Financial Domain are:

    • Instant access to current status of clients entire portfolio.
    • Visual Presentation of portfolio model .
    • Full Integration with most widely used financial software.
    • Full Security of financial information.
    • Simultaneous online viewing with client for collaboration.
    • Data migration from Legacy systems like Ez-Data, Advisor Assistance etc.
    • Offline Synchronization Application running on laptop.

    K-Soft has developed CRM on various technologies.

    • Cold Fusion MX
    • .NET Platform
    • PHP
    • JSP
    • Linux
    • Apache
    • MS Sql Server
    • Sybase
    • Oracle

    K-Soft has more than 15,000 man-hours (measurable and billable to client) of experience. Also team of 4 engineers has exclusively put 12000 hours in for Research & Development activity.