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    Information technology refers to the collection of products and services that turn data into useful, meaningful, accessible information. The information technology industry has several major facets: computer hardware, software and services. Often, telecommunications hardware, software and services are also included in the definition. Given the convergence of this technology, including the Internet, hand held devices, intelligent machines and other equipment, clear distinctions between "information technology" and "telecommunications" are exceedingly difficult. Information technology has been an incredibly powerful source of employment and job growth.

    Experience K-Soft K-Soft has a strong background in working for Technological solutions. These includes various system level solutions, imaging and image analysis, generic systems for meta configuration tools, and windows memory and leak controllers.

    K-Soft has provided solution that provides features like secured access to the hard drives, with required security and encryption technology. The solution is intended to Windows 2000 and above OS and uses Windows Offline File Services to do the job. The solution is intended to be sold as part of the product, which targets the security market. Our Offshore Software Development Centre in India K-Soft India has also provided solution to one of the leading Space Centre in INDIA, which involves the imaging and editing/analysis of the images that are captured by the satellites. Some other solution includes development of flexible meta data configuration wizard to setup tables and transactions. K-Soft India has also developed solution to clean up the temporary files generated by Windows and Windows registry. The application was intended to clean up and log the activities of the system for its different needs. The application use to make different OS level ASI calls to do the job.