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    Home Automation

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    Residential Gateways (synonymous with service gateways, home gateways, and access devices) are a key part of the home networking solution. They provide a platform for integrating different broadband access technologies and several home networking solutions.

    Based on the geographic, market, and consumer needs several gateways will evolve. Combinations supporting one or many broadband access types and several home networking technologies will make this a difficult market to predict. The leading technologies for residential gateways include digital modems, PCs, gaming consoles, set-top box, and SOHO routers/home servers.

    Experience K-Soft
    K-Soft has developed Home Automation Applications using various technologies.

    • Java
    • VC++
    • Servlets
    • Jetty
    • OSGI
    • J2EE
    • MAPI
    • C/C++
    • Rational Rose
    • Kawa
    • NMAKE
    • ANT

    K-Soft's experience as a company on Home Automation has already crossed 9000 man-hours. Also team of 6 engineers has exclusively put 6000+ hours for R & D activity.