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    Web based Project Management Office (W-PMO)
    VPA, Denmark
    Industry Services
    Scope The portal was created to suffice the need for a service, which could help the artisans and small-scale business units (like electricians, plumbers, carpenters etc.) in their daily business management activities. The portal provides a solution that can be accessed on anytime-anywhere basis using, which the users can manage activities starting from Order Acceptance till Invoicing for projects. 

    It supports browser-based interface that can be used through Intranet and Internet environments. The solution is provided as set of services. The standard scheme include basic services include like Client Information System, Order Acceptance & Processing, Project Management and Invoicing. These services also include customized reports including Estimates and Invoices. The advanced package also includes services for SMS messaging and application extension for WAP enabled mobile devices.
    Benefits Using services provided by this portal, users can easily manage their projects, without any additional investment in project management tools. If required, users can use the mobile services to have the latest information on anytime-anywhere basis. 

    The application is suitable for the small and medium class businesses involved in services industry. Using this web based services project team members can update the schedules and status of different activities from anywhere. Similarly, project managers can have latest information regarding status and invoicing using web or mobile services.
    Duration 10 months
    Teamsize 3
    Technology Used Java Script, Servlets, JSP, Tomcat, JavaBeans, J2EE, Oracle, J2ME, Rational Rose

    Transporting Lotus Notes applications to Palm
    Under NDA
    Industry Telecom
    Scope This application provides integration between the Lotus Notes and Palm PDAs. The software is provided as an easy solution to the requirement of availability of secured up-to-date data, on anytime-anywhere access basis, in the corporate world. It provides the solution through, which the user can port, any of the existing Lotus Notes application to mobile devices like 3Com's Palm Pilots and Handspring's Visor.

    The Application Framework provides Smart Designers to help the users in this porting process. The Framework also provides the required conduits for synchronizing the data on mobile devices and the respective Notes databases. The total solution in turn provides a way of accessing synchronized secured data from mobile devices.

    Duration 3 Months
    Teamsize 4
    Technology Used VC++, Code Warrior, C/C++
    Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Solution
    Under NDA
    Industry Health Care
    Scope The solution is designed for physicians to fulfill the requirements of data availability on anytime - anywhere basis through latest technologies like Wireless Communications and WAP. The Mobile Application provides the best way to manage the data with mobility and also can perform the operations or generate reports for Patients using the mobile applications.

    The desktop application provides a rich look and feel for the users who can access the desktop. While near to desktops, Physicians can take advantage of more processes and reports with Windows based rich UI. The desktop application also provides the ability to synchronize the data to the central server.
    Duration 3 Months
    Teamsize 5
    Technology Used VB, VC++, XML, Code Warrior