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    The Dairy industry all over the world is in a very unorganized fashion. This industry deals with the production of milk and milk products. To make the most from the rural industry, technology needs to be harnessed and taken to the farmer. This would result in better quality and quantity of dairy products. The web has helped the dairy specialists to access data from remote places. To organize dairy industry Our Offshore Software Development Centre in India K-Soft India has taken a big leap by developing software for one of the largest Dairy Houses of India.

    Experience K-Soft Our Offshore Software Development Centre in India K-Soft India has provided an easy flow of corporate information to the employees of NDDB, nationwide as to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire organization. NDDB is an apex body for dairy development in India. It has offices at 22 locations across India with Four Regional Offices and Seventeen State Offices based across the country and the administrative Head Office based in Anand. With more than 900 employees across the country, NDDB needed a central repository where employees could obtain information, such as common forms, departmental and corporate information, handbooks, staff directories, news, and links to common web sites. Not only did NDDB want its Intranet site to house important corporate information, but also it wanted its site to act as an interactive tool where employees could access job-specific, personalized information. In addition, NDDB desired an Intranet site that would help reduce delivery costs, provide consistent and reliable information and support web-enabled applications.

    For developing the Corporate Intranet project the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) model was used as a compass in managing the project. An email application was integrated with the Intranet site and also a unique enterprise-wide employee search function was deployed. Through the Intranet's unique personalization and membership features, employees are able to access work-specific information.

    Figure: Application Architecture

    Primary Features of our Solution

    Corporate Intranet features in general are:

    • A channel to report, inform, share and learn while minimizing the dependence on the traditional flow of communication and eliminating distortion of the message as it travels directly from the source to the user.
    • A transparent mode of viewing and reviewing individual state offices, regional offices and HO plans for a defined period.
    • A gradual transformation from a brick & mortar to brick & click way of communication delivery, leading to cost reduction over time.
    • A medium to post problems, transmit them selectively along with the facility to seek information.
    • A combination of structured and unstructured formats to cover both qualitative and quantitative.
    • An easy recall of past reports, record from the system's archive database.

    Benefits Delivered
    The Intranet solution acts as a central document and information repository, an important source of news and a portal to host various Intranet applications that allows it to grow.

    After the implementation of the Corporate Intranet, the employees are able to find information quickly and efficiently, and they have more time to focus on their work.

    The employees do not have to search for information as now they just retrieve information from the knowledge base. Also tracking down the right people, which was earlier time consuming and frustrating is now convenient due to the Collaboration feature and information sharing.

    Technology Used
    ASP, MTS, IIS 5.0, Oracle, Sybase, Visual InterDev, Visual Source Safe, Flash, Adobe Acroba.