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    The Internet has affected every aspect of the global health care industry; from the way researchers conduct medical studies to the nature of the doctor-patient relationship. Perhaps its most significant effect has been on how people manage their own health and treatment.

    In the past, medical information was the exclusive domain of physicians. Patients depended on physicians to educate them about their conditions and their options and to determine a course of treatment. Today, people use the Internet to access their personal medical records, research treatment options, and compare health care providers. Many sites publicize studies that evaluate the quality of hospitals, physicians, drugs, and treatments. Online psychotherapy and physician consultations are available for those seeking medical opinions at their desktops. Armed with easily accessible information, patients today are active in asking questions and discussing their options. The Web has helped make medical information more comprehensible. Yet it's not only patients who are being empowered by the ability to access medical information online. Health care providers, too, can now more easily find the information they're looking for and stay up-to-date on the most current treatment options through databases of medical articles, journals, and conference summaries available online.

    Experience K-Soft
    At K-Soft we have over 125 man months of overall experience in Health Care sector with more than 15 projects till date in the area of Pharmacy Retails Management, Online Dynamic Web Presence solution, Online Appointment Scheduler, Primary Care Management Solution, Health Care Job Portal etc.

    K-Soft's Integrate Retail Management Application (IRMA) has been designed, developed and implemented in 7 locations for Planet Health, which is one of the fastest growing chains of Pharmacy Retail Stores in India. The solution allows for a careful Inventory Management, Warehousing, Central Purchase, Front Store Management, Customer Loyalty Program, and Accounts.