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    We are global leader in providing innovative technology-enabled business solutions and services

    K-Soft with its expertise in telecom domain, offers new generation solutions and cost-effective services to our customers. Our technology development services include data communication protocols, networking protocols and network management systems.

    K-Soft has worked with World's Second Largest Telecommunication Testing Equipment Manufacturing Company. This project covers the extended development of Framework Library (HFC) on VX Works Embedded Platform using GNU C++ for enhancing the features of the GSM Testing Device. Various functionalities in terms of GUI like Graph Control, Tree Control, Port Scanner etc. will be incorporated in the said device.

    SAC (Space Application Centre), another Prestigious Client we have given a complete integrated solution for all the User Groups in the form of Systems Requirement Specification document. It involves identifying the requirements of the various groups of SAC and incorporates the same in the SACNET

    K-Soft also has expertise in establishing connection to remote RAS servers using RAS API. Supports both Windows 95 and Windows NT. It also detects dial-up networking in case of Win 95 and Win 98.

    K-Soft has also worked on application Integration between the Lotus Notes and Palm PDAs. K-Soft has developed software, which provides as an easy solution to the requirement of availability of secured up-to-date data, on anytime-anywhere access basis, in the corporate world. It provides the solution through, which the user can port, any of the existing Lotus Notes application to mobile devices like 3Com's Palm Pilots and Handspring's Visor.

    K-Soft has in its clientele Indian Space Research Organization, world's largest Telecom Testing Equipment Manufacturing Industry, biggest ISP's in Gujarat, and list goes on.

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    K-Soft has developed network management and telecom Applications on various technologies.

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    K-Soft's experience as a company on Network Management and Telecom Applications has already crossed 19,000 man-hours working on 9 challenging projects.