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    Automation of Client Servicing Operations for a Media Company
    Mudra Communications Pvt. Ltd.
    Industry Advertising & Media
    Scope Mudra Communications is the Largest Indian Advertising Agency having over 120 clients nationwide, 8 offices and 5 divisions in India and abroad.

    Mudra has evolved into a multiple service agency catering market with services like Public Relations, Market Research, Advertising Archives, Website designing and hosting, Business Referrals and Outdoor Advertising and has some of the largest corporate houses like Hindustan Lever, Federal Bank Ltd, Hindustan Motors, Reliance Industries.

    The Integrated Solution being developed for Mudra is coined as "Client Servicing Automation". The work includes study of the existing system developed on Clipper/ Ingress/ and freezing the requirements at different locations. Documents marked as deliverable include SRS and Feasibility Study document. A pilot project was undertaken to test the application suitability, functionality and adaptability to the new technology. The application development is java-based and using the J2EE framework.

    The features include: 
    This application is browser based. It is developed using three-tier architecture. Middleware is implemented on oracle application server Middleware components are enterprise java beans. This makes application portable on any platform and any server that supports J2EE specification.

    The benefits of the software to the client are:

    • The application is web based, purely J2EE compliant and developed in N-tier architecture using the latest tool like Oracle Jdeveloper, and Application Servers like Oracle 9i Application Server. It is very user friendly and easy to operate and managed by the client. At the same time all the branches are connected online by a single system.
    • Branch level interactions became more efficient.
    • Agency's Clients get online information regarding their campaign project status from the new system as the CRM application is linked to this system and uses the latest updated data.
    • It helps the client servicing team to monitor all the activities that are going on for a campaign at any time. It shows all the activities done for a particular campaign and also the payment made against the campaign and receivables pending against the campaign giving a clear picture of the revenue status.
    • Also the system gives information regarding the savings done on a campaign with respect to the estimates made on the basis of the card rates of the media (Press & TV). Now the agency is able to transfer these savings to their clients creating a value addition to their services.
    • Now as a single system connecting all branches of the agency, the total volume becomes larger, and with this larger volume of the business agency now gets better negotiated rates with the media (Press & TV) which in turn generates more revenue for the same volume of the business.
    Duration 11 Months
    Teamsize 9
    Technology Used Jdeveloper, XML, EJB, Oracle Application Server, Oracle, Java / J2EE


    Connection Manager - Autodialer
    Jindal Informatics Pvt. Ltd./Datalink Impex/BlazeNet Online/GNFC Online
    Industry Telecom
    Scope Software was developed for an upcoming ISP in the State of Gujarat. The software involved installing a customised connection manager on the users desktop which lets him connect to the internet. It establishes connection to remote RAS servers using RAS API. This is used by Dial-up users for establishing Internet connections. It automatically detects presence of modem and if not present, it installs the drivers. Supports both Windows 95 and Windows NT. It also detects dial-up networking in case of Win 95 and Win 98.

    It also allows user to change the skin of the connection dialer.

    Benefits User can have their own customized skin for the dialer.
    Duration 1 Month
    Teamsize 3
    Technology Used VB, VC++, COM, C/C++, MFC, Visual Source Safe