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    Today's consumers demand more choices, higher quality and better value for their money. Whether you produce a finished article, or are one of the links in the supply chain, to remain competitive you have to reduce costs and time to market, improve customer service, comply with increasing pressures based around health and safety and still design innovative products. To meet these challenges you need to be able to harness the real power of technology and use agile information systems that are fast to implement, flexible and integrated. Information systems that are not just transaction processors, but business intelligence systems providing you with the information you want, in the format you want, when you want it.

    Experience K-Soft
    Our Offshore Software Development Centre in India K-Soft India has designed and developed an Enterprise Wide Resource Planning solution for Huber Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd. The scope of the project includes development of complete ERP for Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Account and Data Transfer. To maintain Purchase and Sales of Raw Material, Finished good, engineering items etc, with complete finance information. Data transfer to update Head Office continuous with latest data at manufacturing plant. N-tier Application for complex business policies.

    One of the main cornerstones of our approach is the business process view on the functionality and use of information systems. This means that the value of an information system is determined in operative use as a function of its support for existing processes and practices. The keyword is the process.

    The realignment of the new system and the organization is therefore one of the most important tasks of any IT project. It was concluded that the first logical step in this case would be a thorough analysis of the selected business process. The analysis should cover, for example, the main phases of the process, key tasks and activities in each process phase, responsibilities and available resources, including the support provided by the existing IT infrastructure, including the new ERP system. That information would determine the baseline for subsequent development activities.