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    Windows Mobile Development

    We are global leader in providing innovative technology-enabled business solutions and services

    K-Soft Information Technologies employs optimum technologies to develop user friendly, rich in features and effective windows applications that works both offline as well as online. Our very capable developers promise to give the best solution possible for every project they work on. We provide all types of development at a very competitive price.

    Windows Based Software Applications Development

    Our company believes in quality product and timely delivery which is our real motto. We develop software applications that address real time issues, fit for the business, direct to the need of the client and are fast paced. Our software applications are much ahead of any other companies, they are very easy to operate and which always helps in the growth of the business.

    Software Applications Testing

    We have a very qualified team for testing the applications which we have developed for our esteemed clients, so that after deployment and final delivery of the application no issue crops up and our software applications should be absolute error free. We include several testing methods to define all the errors in the project and hand over the best quality product to our clients.

    Distributed Applications Development

    There is no doubt that there is great demand for large-scale distributed applications. We develop inexpensive special-purpose distributed systems which are being used extensively in the banking, airline, and telecommunication industries. Our core team of developers builds even richer, applications on the Internet which are difficult to design, coding, testing, and maintaining distributed applications using the tools that comprise the state-of-the-art today.

    Windows Based Custom Software Applications Development

    We are professional company to develop custom software applications which are windows based. We use latest software development platforms, we use latest software application development tools, our project management technologies are very high end and we use the best software engineering practices to deliver the best available product in the market.

    Enterprise Application Development

    We have the ability to develop robust, feature-rich and cost-effective enterprise applications which are a must in today's highly-competitive business environment. If you are looking to develop a custom software solution to meet your specific business needs, or wish to simply enhance the graphical user interface of your legacy applications, we have the right solution. Our productivity-enhancing development tools allow companies to rapidly deliver powerful enterprise applications – quickly and within budget.

    Windows Applications Migrations

    We are the right choice to build a new application or migrate an existing application. Microsoft provides suite of products to build Small and Medium to Enterprise applications whether it is Desktop or Client/Server or Web or Mobile for Real-Time, Offline, Huge Data Oriented, Financial-Commerce, Social Media applications etc. We have a vast pool of experienced developers working on old MS Office Scripting solutions to Pattern based current frameworks including Analyzing requirements, designing, building, migrating and deploying applications.

    Client-Server Software Developments

    Client-Server applications and n-tier architecture have always played a key role in operation of businesses. Ability to input, process, store, and access data from anytime, anywhere and any device is powering E-Businesses of today. Our company specializes in development of high-end client-server applications and robust enterprise applications with user-friendly interfaces. Depending on your business requirements, our consultants and developers can also help in developing web-enabled applications and systems.