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    Mobile Game Development

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    K-Soft Information Technologies specializes in custom Mobile Gaming Development for all wireless platform devices on the market today. Our Mobile Gaming Development services include: Game Development, M-Commerce Integration, Mobile Testing, Game Porting, and WAP Portals for a variety of platforms including the Apple iPhone, Google Android, BlackBerry, Palm Mobile and Windows Mobile 7 Series.

    We develop well optimized mobile gaming engines for customized games such as: multiplayer games, puzzles/tile based games, 2D RPG games, as well as arcade, action, and racing games.

    K-Soft Information Technologies has the experience of working with a variety of mobile gaming client base in the United States, Europe, and Canada, so put your trust in us and let us help you develop your next mobile game.

    Mobile Game Programming

    K-Soft Information Technologies develops 2D and 3D graphics games, single player games, two players games, multiplayer games, and global multiplayer online games using our advanced GPRS technologies. All of our mobile games are designed and ported to serve all mobile platforms and technologies.

    Mobile Gaming Engine Development

    K-Soft Information Technologies develops feature rich mobile game engines also called mobile game middleware with a suite of visual development tools helpful in creating cost effective, high-quality, and complex mobile games.

    Mobile Game Porting

    K-Soft Information Technologies provides high-quality and cost effective mobile game porting services such as: J2ME, cross platform, operator specific, and Symbian porting services.

    Mobile Game Testing

    K-Soft Information Technologies offers mobile device game testing with Over the Air (OTA) support. We provide all fundamental mobile game testing services including environmental, functionality and performance testing.

    Mobile Game Development on Different Platforms
    • iPhone Game Development
    • Android Game Development
    • BlackBerry Game Development
    • Windows Mobile 7 Series Game Development
    • Palm Mobile Game Development
    • J2ME Game Development

    For more information about K-Soft Information Technologies's Mobile Game Development Services and Mobile Application Development, send us an email at contact@kitinc.com or Phone: (904)322.8340 .