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    BlackBerry Development

    We are global leader in providing innovative technology-enabled business solutions and services

    K-Soft Information Technologies is offering outstanding BlackBerry Applications for today’s business environment as well as personal uses. We develop each and every application after hard core research and development about the market trends, business need and also about the likes of people. We have a great team full of expertise and experienced.

    BlackBerry Business Application Development

    BlackBerry’s entrepreneurial reach and adoption have been growing day by day. Every business, be it banking and investment mobility, securities wireless solutions, FMCG, manufacturing industry, needs day to day process to pitch on the field. And any business can solve the pitching issues by using business Applications of BlackBerry to leverage new age marketing and productivity. With our Customized Applications the full potential of your BlackBerry phone is being realized.

    BlackBerry Marketing Applications Development

    BlackBerry phones are becoming more popular these days and are specially known as business and professional smart phone. We make Development of BlackBerry Marketing Application on BlackBerry platform verge to new horizon to your business. Our developed BlackBerry Marketing Applications has an edge over others due to its high security and storage redundancy for user’s data.

    BlackBerry Entertainment Applications Development

    BlackBerry is gone a way ahead in the application development especially in Entertainment Application Development BlackBerry has set a new verge. There are many BlackBerry Entertainment Applications in market but we develop BlackBerry Entertainment Applications as per exact use of our clients, so that it suits their exact requirement. Hence we have our unique identity in the field of BlackBerry Applications Development, by which the user is entertained and not only this with the Entertainment Application which is very useful and informative.

    BlackBerry Client-Server Applications Development

    Popularly called ‘business phone’ BlackBerry phones have higher output for users. We understand the exact mode of the business of the users and deliver stunning client-Server Applications for BlackBerry phones. This not only helps in boosting the productivity of BlackBerry but also makes it a multiple useful device that can be used to give presentation, send mail and messages, send snaps, remain updated in social networking sites, etc. amongst others. Nevertheless, it is the feature of the customization of BlackBerry that users can have their wanted feature in their device.

    BlackBerry Wireless Solutions Development

    BlackBerry devices allow mobile users to access communications and information wirelessly, including: emails, corporate data, instant messaging, phone, internet, MMS and SMS. Our BlackBerry Business Solutions can be tailored to fit your industry, your size and your needs. Business Intelligence solutions give you instant access to critical data for decision making. We provide such kind of Service solutions that empower your field workers with tools to maximize their timeliness and efficiency. And sales force automation gives your sales team access to your CRM tools from almost anywhere.

    BlackBerry Advertisement Applications Development

    We provide stunning Advertisement Applications Development with the implementation of SDK, few lines of code and our ability of development. We understand the business need of the clients and integrate particular Advertisement Applications which are relevant and specific to the business. We provide affordable applications development for our clients and make sure that they does not crash and serve the purpose.

    BlackBerry Internet/Intranet-based Applications Development

    Intranet is considered the private internet. Our accomplished and well-designed intranet web based applications ON BlackBerry are built to create the most effort-less applications both internet and intranet to be used by a varied range of users. These applications are exclusively developed to run on a variety of OS environment. They can also be highly-featured and demands an essential web browser in order to access. Our developers provide customized a highly scalable Web Applications Development for its clients.