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    iPhone Porting Services

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    Our team of developers can focus on maximizing the feature set of your application for each platform, not re-writing code. We provide flexible solutions to fit your mobile needs. Here are some of our most common porting services
    • iPhone to Android Porting
    • iPhone to BlackBerry Porting
    • iPhone to Windows Mobile Porting
    • iPhone to BREW Porting
    • iPhone to J2ME Porting
    • BREW to iPhone Porting
    • BREW to Android Porting
    • BREW to BlackBerry Porting
    • BREW to Windows Mobile

    If your application has seen success on its first platform, it may be time to evaluate porting it to an eager, fresh audience. While the App Store still reigns, the Android Marketplace is gaining momentum and continues to look promising for mobile application developers. Ready to learn more? Contact us  sales@kitinc.com today about our mobile porting services.