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    2D Game Development

    2D Flash Animation K-Soft Information Technologies has the facilities to accomplish terribly demanding second / 3D productions. With state of the art animation workstations and software, high quality second / 3D animation for film, tv and varied multimedia projects are our specialty. The potentialities are endless. With the rise in use of character animation, K-Soft Information Technologies invested the time to search out highly qualified artists with the skills necessary to create quality characters for its clients.

    Whether you require hand drawn style animation or life like CG animation, K-Soft Information Technologies will take your project from the conceptual stage to the final packaged product, on time and at intervals your budget. From storyboard creation, to modeling and animation, to compositing and Post-production, our inventive team is equipped to handle every stage of Animation project. Our artists and character animators will produce trendy credit sequences, In-program graphics and different content to catch and keep the attention of your audience, and that we are significantly keen to work on projects with inventive potential. we can conceptualize your story, scenes, and characters, in 2D, and speedy prototype ideas in 3D. Furthermore, we can provide you with fast turnaround anima tics, used for shot selections, camera placements, and dynamics. From easy polygon characters to the most advanced high-resolution models. we have a tendency to take characters and creatures from modeling to texturing and through an extensive rigging section to ensure all models animate as smoothly as attainable whereas still following the tightest of specifications. Outsourcing animation are often a grueling ordeal when managing the wrong people. K-Soft Information Technologies has dedicated itself to creating a streamlined process that meets all your animation wants while not the headache of managing out-of-house artists. K-Soft Information Technologies has created hundreds of animation sequences for a few of the highest profile clients within the industry accumulating an enormous portfolio of animations that span each genre and elegance known to video games. From fighting games to role playing games, K-Soft Information Technologies has the experience and resources to satisfy all your animation necessities.

    Game Development Studio

    K-Soft Information Technologies Game Studio whether you wish a full-scale style for a game or just one area to be fleshed out, we are going to do it for you efficiently and affordably. we can work alone or mutually with others, and that we will help tailor your style to your accessible resources and your team’s strengths.

    we have a tendency to focus on creating
    • Exciting, Interactive and well-balanced game play
    • Crisp, uncluttered user interfaces
    • Intricate Level style ranging from Outer house to Amazonian forests to modern-day cities and practically everything beneath the sun and beyond it
    • Rich, three-dimensional characters and believable plots
    • Clear, thorough, and unambiguous style documents
    • Realistic 3D Low Poly character/object models.
    • made Texture Surfaces (CGI or from photographs)
    • In-Game Animations.
    • Practical, build in a position designs — no impossible ideas or big changes halfway through
    • Product enhancements and localization.