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    iPhone Application Development

    We are global leader in providing innovative technology-enabled business solutions and services

    K-Soft Information Technologies has always claimed to be one of the few companies who deliver all kind of iPhone Application Developments at a competitive price with the best talents and experienced people in the team.

    iPhone is one of the fanciest creations in the world of mobile which completely revolutionize Mobile Application industry. We work in the latest iPhone Applications Development platforms like OS4 to produce rich iPhone Applications for end users. We deploy various 2G/3G based iPhone Applications at a very competitive price.

    Business & Sales Application

    We develop creative iPhone Applications that can help in increasing the sales and flourish the business. We create a favorable environment to build applications that will fetch data from different text and spreadsheet documents. Our developed application also gives flexibility to manage sales activities with full information, alerts and analysis.

    iPhone Games Development

    Our developed iPhone games have caught the attention of the users because we have enabled to tap the brilliant features of iPhones within our development methodologies. We are a professional iPhone Game Development company which is having a rich pool of experienced iPhone developers. They are well versed in all latest Mobile Games Development infrastructure and thus give brilliant result in games.

    iPhone Widget Development

    We are expert in developing Widgets in iPhones as we develop innovative widgets with most attractive user interface. Our developers are quite expert in customizing the widgets with different look and themes. We follow a systematic approach while developing widgets after specifying each and every objective for the widgets.

    Theme, Mock, Icon, Designing

    We are one of the best companies when it comes to creative work. We work on most unique ideas of developing various iPhone themes, clip Icons, Application Icons and also designing tool bars, tab bars etc. We use the PNG format for developing all these design. We design and create each and every icons, tool bars, tab bars etc according to the need and the requirement of the users.

    iPhone Web Service Integration

    These days' websites are viewed and surfed mostly via phones and iPhones are no exception. So we develop websites which are absolute compatible with iPhones. We use simple open access protocol, open source content management system, open source application frame work MAC OS, and Xcode version 3.2 for development of iPhones.

    iPhone Mobile Website Development

    All our current iPhone websites are optimized and developed using very simple technologies so that viewing and surfing never becomes a problem. Our team of developers is having expertise for coding for various mobile browsers and they arrange contents to fit in the mobile browsers. We aimed at the better service and best design techniques to our users at a much cheaper price.

    iPhone Social Networking

    We are expertise in iPhone social Networking application development. We are focus on delivering quality social networking application development services to our customers. Facebook messenger and other stuffs in social networking application are real hot stuffs to our customers and we are happy to deliver all these and even more with brilliant features and a good price.

    iPhone M-Commerce Solution

    We offer new iPhone m-commerce solution to our users who eat, drink and sleep business. For them it's very much essential to have such kinds of mobile commerce that will help them in their business. With our developed m- commerce solution you can always look for new business opportunities, you can outperform your competitors, which mean you can do things before they are doing and you are always open and available anytime and anywhere.

    iPhone Travelling, Navigation, and Weather Forecasting Apps

    In our company we develop iPhone applications for Travelling purpose. People love to travel and they are always keen to explore the unknown world. For them we have created lots of applications that can act as the travel guide that will help them to navigate and find the new locations as well as all information about weather.

    Why us for iPhone Apps?

    We are one of the best when it comes to searching companies for developing iPhone applications. We have sound knowledge of developing iPhone applications with a very talented and experienced team in our company. We also charge very reasonable and competitive for developing any kind of iPhone applications. We value our customers and hence try to give them the best solution at the best price.