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    K-Soft Information Technologies is a Web 2.0 Development and consulting company. Our web 2.0 developers skilled in PHP, Ro Ruby on Rails, J2EE and ASP.NET and Python programing languages Web 2.0 is a union of social and business practices rather than a technology transition.It is a not a separate programming language or specific technology.

    In web 2.0 world the users generated most of the contents by taking advantage of blogs, wikis and videos sharing portals.The amounts of data generated by these users have surpassed the amount data generated by the enterprises and media companies in the past.

    Another big element of Web 2.0 is the rich user experience enabled by web Applications. Gmail, Flickr kind of web Application have transformed the expectation of the web users to experience desktop on the web. Of course, even the Web 2.0 Developers loves these sites.

    Social networking and online communities are two important and sustaining element of Web 2.0 Web 2.0 sites provide developers with APIs, which allow web-based access to data and functions: REST and SOAP.

    Some of the famous web 2.0 websites
    • Delicious
    • Digg
    • Facebook
    • Flickr
    • WordPress
    • YouTube
    • Gmail
    • Twitter

    K-Soft Information Technologies Web 2.0 offering helps clients transition from their existing flat websites offering static information to a new computing Web 2.0 platform.Our Web 2.0 development offerings are as follows

    Develop or review your organization's Web 2.0 strategy. Our Web 2.0 Developers can develop social computing technologies like blogs, wikis, social networking, online communities, web-casts and pod-casts Apply Enterprise 2.0 strategy and social media practices to improve collaboration, knowledge and productivity Web 2.0 enable your existing Application and apply agile practices to increase productivity.

    Leverage Rich Internet Application technologies like Ajax, Flex, and Silverlight and apply them on your existing web Application to improve user experience.

    Once your Web 2.0 Application is built our web promotion specialist will promote your application on the web Do you need to promote your web 2.0 application through a Mobile Application too? Don't worry we can help you there too. Call us  
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