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    HTML5 E-Commerce Development

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    High performance, reliable and scalable e-Commerce Development using dynamic HTML5 technology HTML5, the latest and most advanced version of HTML, is used for a variety of purposes such as web development and application development. However, it can also be used for e-Commerce development. HTML5 paves way for developing feature rich e-Commerce applications which are more dynamic and interactive in nature. Consult the e-Commerce development experts at K-Soft Information Technologies of HTML5 e-Commerce development. We have substantial expertise in designing e-Commerce solutions using HTML5.

    Our team of HTML5 e-Commerce Developers is well trained, qualified and experienced in designing intuitive HTML5 based e-Commerce websites. The biggest advantage offered by HTML5 e-Commerce Development is that it significantly reduces the usage of technologies like Java and Adobe Flash for developing rich internet applications. You can also hire dedicated HTML5 e-Commerce Developers from us on full time, part time, monthly, contractual or hourly basis. By using HTML5 technology, we assure our clients of the best e-Commerce websites, Web Applications and Mobile Applications.

    Why choose HTML5 for e-Commerce Development?
    • Improved e-Commerce websites which are impeccable in performance.
    • Attract more visitors using HTML5 e-Commerce Development because of its highly interactive features to embed videos and audio files in quick time.
    • Easily store huge data and information. Allows to store data from the client side.
    • The best solution for developing applications in browsers in less time.
    • Customers can stream audio and video files in your website without installing third party plug-ins.
    • Code maintenance becomes a lot easier and simpler.
    • Substantially reduces e-Commerce development cost and time.
    • Efficient new structural elements instead of traditional div tags to create page template. This results in better, cleaner and structured code.
    Our HTML5 e-Commerce Development Services

    When it comes to e-Commerce Development we are simply the best. We understand our clients’ requirements thoroughly so as to deliver competitive HTML5 e-Commerce development solutions. Our HTML5 e-Commerce solutions are developed keeping in mind your future business requirements. You can easily adapt the solutions to your changing market needs.

    Mentioned below are some of the HTML5 e-Commerce development services we offer -

    • Rich e-Commerce Applications development using HTML5
    • e-Commerce Website developing with HTML5
    • Technical Support and maintenance for HTML5 e-Commerce websites & Applications
    • Search Engine Optimization solutions
    • e-Commerce mobile applications based on HTML5

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