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    Flash / Flex Website Development

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    Flash-Flex Website Development

    In present time the cut throat competition has influenced the online World, web developers are making efforts to search new ways and techniques to design and develop interactive and responsive websites. Flash and Flex applications has emerged as an effective web development tool which can improve and enhance the functional quality of the websites.

    Flash and Flex website development has the impact

    which can tackle your audience in an unforgettable manner. It will represent your business and your product effectively and help you in generating revenue. Flash and Flex applications has replaced the traditional methods of web design and website development. Today Flash and Flex is widely used to create audio/visual animations and interactive presentations of the products or services of any business.

    K-Soft Information Technologies has it excellent command over Flash and Flex Website development. With an experienced and talented team of Flash and Flex developers who are capable to develop any sort of Flash and Flex based web development task. We have successfully accomplished various Flash and Flex website development assignments with quality.

    Our quality services in Flash and Flex development
    • Flash logo
    • Flash CMS
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Web banners and Presentations
    • 3d effects (papervision-3d integration)
    • Port-folios and digital brochure and Slide shows
    • Sound effects, background music, audio visual ads
    • Development of complex Flash and Flex applications
    • Screenshots, clip-arts, GIFs animation and video files
    • Flash and Flex services to build scratch based websites
    • Integration of Flex and Flash technologies into existing websites
    • Development of user friendly E-Commerce websites (Shopping Cart etc.)

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