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    Ruby on Rails is a web application development platform. It is versatile framework that follows the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture and ideally suited for rapid creation of medium to large sized applications. Ruby on Rails development has three in-built mechanisms, which make it one of the fastest application development platforms, available today. They are known as COC (convention over configuration), DRY (Do not Repeat yourself) and Agile methodology.

    Benefits of ROR development
    Ruby on Rails development framework has features that support rapid and easy development of web applications. Following are benefits of Ruby on Rails:

    Requires less coding , which means quicker development of application The application is also less prone to errors and the debugging process consumes less time, which makes it easy for the developers to quickly deploy the tested application ROR automatically retrieves the data from database, which saves time in development process Allows rapid application development because it employs Agile methodology It has auto-construct feature that automatically builds the some of the basic models needed in the website or web application development It is simple platform and easy to use and has backing of worldwide community Supports Ajax, needed to create interactive features for applications and websites.Follows convention over configuration policy, which eliminates huge amount of configuration, compiling and testing that goes in web application development.

    K-Soft Information Technologies Technologies has full fledged ODC, from where expert developers dedicate themselves to developing and delivering Ruby on Rails web applications to global clientele. Following are the characteristics of our ROR development team, which distinguishes them from their competitors.

    Ability to maintain high standards of Ruby on Rails development Unmatched development skills in ROR to create robust applications that exceed consumer expectations Ability to create innovative solutions for E-Commerce, CMS and networking requirements.Custom development of applications and re-engineering of existing website/application for better performance.Call us now 1 (904)322.8340