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    Flash Applications

    K-Soft Information Technologies is a Global IT Solutions Company focuses upon maximizing your return on investment, optimizing cost and increasing profitability through its Software Solutions, Website Development, Web Portal development and web based Enterprise Solutions.

    We are adept in creating your online identity in a way which would compel your prospective clients and audiences to convert to customers.

    Providing you with a great web design and the ability for you to take control of your web content is only half of the story. We build websites that focus upon the end user with user centered principles to ensure your website works for you and your audience.

    Flex Application Development What is Flex?

    Flex is a free, open source framework for creating extremely interactive, expressive Web applications that are operational consistently on all main browsers, and operating systems. Flex offers a modern, standards-based language and programming model that supports general design prototypes.

    Flex is a client-side technology that is rendered by Flash Player and needs integration with a server-side technology (like PHP, Java, ASP.Net etc.) to provide it with real-time data.

    K-Soft Information Technologies provides full end to end web development solutions for creating and delivering Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using Flash and Flex. Flex Development Services will certainly give you technical edge in your assignments and more interactive engaging.

    Flex also includes a rich component library with more than 100 proven, extensible UI components for creating rich internet applications (RIAs), as well as an interactive Flex application debugger. Unlike page-based HTML applications, Flex applications render a representative state client where considerable modifications to the view do not involve in loading a new page.

    What’s the advantage of developing flex from K-Soft Information Technologies ?

    Adobe Flex is the leading RIA development tool and framework and development partner of choice for Portals and Corporations and interactive look to web. And we at K-Soft Information Technologies provide.

    Good Visual Experience

    Applications developed using Flex ensure good visual experience through intuitive interaction with the application and presenting information in a visually rich interface. Flash player is regular player for running flex application. So, all flex application should run same on all browser and desktops.

    Immediate Response

    Flex lets development of applications that support intricate business logic to run at the browser, without any hassles and refreshing with immediate response.

    Advanced User Experience

    Flex enables an attractive User experience ensures that your visitor are drawn into your website, they use it, and can more quickly complete a task or information that they looking for. This makes Flex an idyllic RIA framework for applications.

    Synchronize Modes

    Flex supports synchronize approach of presenting data with an integrated development model Applications are created which are greatly customizable and formulate the enormity of Flex to carry complex consumers needs.

    Well-built Programming Model

    Flex proffers a well-built development model that merges MXML, a XML-based language which is used to illustrate user interface (UI) layout. Action Script, a commanding object oriented programming language, is used to create client logic.

    K-Soft Information Technologies Flex developers can develop integrated Flex Software solutions to make booming and pioneering business plans as your needs. We offer Asp.Net, PHP supported complex Flex Solutions for any kind of small, mid and large scale business.Call us +1 (904)322.8340 .