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    AJAX/ASP.NET AJAX Development

    AJAX Development is powerful source of effective programming. Web Applications built using AJAX technologies are faster, more efficient and dynamic. AJAX Development can be performed in many ways and using different frameworks: some are component frameworks with a possibility to add individual skins without affecting the main layout and some are server-driven.

    We offer the following AJAX Web Development Services
    • Web portals interactive Applications Development
    • Dynamic Business Applications Development
    • Complex Enterprise Application Development.
    Why AJAX Web Applications are advantageous ?

    It can perform most of the functions a native application of the user's system can without constant transferring of big amounts of data.

    High speed of performance.Very small pieces of information are exchanged back and forth at a time when application interacts with the server on which they reside.

    An Ajax Application Development reduces the interaction time on the web because it connects user and server introducing a mediator – an Ajax engine. All user actions that would generally create an HTTP request take the form of a JavaScript call to the Ajax engine. Any reply to a user action that does not need a trip back to the server is handled by the engine on its own.

    AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) enables quick respond to numerous user interfaces via all web browsers compatible with JavaScript regardless the Operating System.

    Like DHTML, AJAX is not a technology itself, but it refers to the group of technologies. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML .Say, it's the best-of-breed approach in developing Internet solutions.

    AJAX Development Brings
    • Dynamic display / interaction via DOM
    • Asynchronous data retrieval via XMLHttpRequest
    • Data interchange / manipulation via XML and XSLT
    • Standards-based presentation via XHTML and CSS
    • And JavaScript tying all above mentioned together

    K-Soft Information Technologies is ready to implement vast AJAX experience into your project. Our developers focus on writing the business logic of applications according to customer's needs and demands. Consequently, we cut your costs, shorten development cycle and time-to-market delivery but increase scalability / portability of solutions provided. If you need powerful and interactive web-based Applications, AJAX or AJAX.NET technologies blend is an excellent solution.
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