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    K-Soft has a history for providing solution in mobiles based on Palm OS, Pocket PCs as well as mobile cell phones. In past years K-Soft India has provided the best of breed tech solutions to cater the needs of client.

    Solutions based on Palm OS
    • Dynamic forms that can load on-the-fly and related wizard to create such generic forms using desktop environments like Lotus Notes and Oracle solutions.
    • Rich UI lists with efficient sorting and searching
    • Wireless Implementations for Palm PDAs with wire-line and wire-less Bluetooth based support.
    • Integration with embedded devices for data acquisition and controlling embedded devices through standard protocols like RS-232.

    Solutions based on Palm OS
    • Effective usage of SQL Server CE usage with usage of in-house developed reusable libraries
    • Implementation of GIS thru Bluetooth enabled GPS receivers
    • Implementation of GPRS for real-time updates
    • Implementation of Geographical Interactive Maps
    • Solution based on Microsoft.NET platform leveraging Maps, GPS and GPRS technologies

    Solution based on disconnected environments with Java J2ME Tech
    • Efficient usage of UI controls to utilize the power of mobile devices, with secured channels using encryption techniques
    • Implementation with different server side technologies including Java/JSP, ASP, ASP.NET.

    Key features implemented
    Following are some of the key features implemented in past projects:

    • Excellent and effective UI on Palm and Pocket PCs
    • GPRS communication
    • GIS implementation using Bluetooth based GPS receivers
    • RS-232 communication with Embedded Devices
    • Geographical Maps using third-party controls

    Experience K-Soft
    K-Soft due to its vast experience, has cultivated expertise in designing the efficient interfaces for effective usage of Palm PDA. This includes effective usage of tap buttons, lists with searching and sorting features on single taps, wizard based forms, predefined forms for common dialog boxes and lot more. This is in addition to the efficient usage of database PDB files, and implementation of intelligent storage techniques to provide efficient storage mechanisms as well as real-time search and retrieval functionalities. K-Soft's effective processes of preserving libraries of such reusable objects with required documentation, has made it possible to deliver quality solution in Palm PDA market.

    To back up the processes and development of such Palm OS development services, K-Soft has invested in a full equipped infrastructure with latest Palm devices, utilized by strong R&D team that only works on new Palm OS enhancements and how best they can be utilized to provide the best possible solution to the customers. This team also backs up an efficient development team of 25 odd members with engineering and management background headed by senior project managers with rich experience in addition on overseas working experience.

    Being in Windows CE development since last many years, K-Soft has created a rich knowledge base and mastered the art of designing Pocket PC application utilizing power of Windows CE to provide the best efficient interfaces and usability.

    To provide the surety to the customers with quality produces in mobile computing of Pocket PC/Windows CE market, K-Soft has put on rich lab for R&D on upcoming versions of Windows CE / Pocket PC. Again an efficient team work between the Windows CE R&D team and development makes it possible to provide the quality delivery in required timeline.

    K-Soft has total of 8000+ hours of mobile computing technology exposure. This is in addition to parallel hours put on for R&D activities to keep updated with the latest updates in the world for mobile computing.