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    LAMP (Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL)

    We are global leader in providing innovative technology-enabled business solutions and services

    K-Soft has successfully completed LAMP(Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL) projects for clients with core businesses in different industries such as - Digital/SSL Certificate, Bandwidth Management Control, CRM Application for ISPs, Game marketing for Schools, Promotional Marketing etc.

    Besides LAMP (Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL), K-Soft has also completed a project for an embedded device, which used C, Embedded Linux (uClinux) along with Tcl/Tk & core networking utilities in Linux.

    Key features implemented K-Soft has produced high-quality, secure & dynamic web sites which contains back end CMS (Content Management System) to control various parts of the front-end web site. Features of CMS varies depend upon the requirements of the project.

    For the development methodology, we extensively use Smarty (PHP Template Engine) & PEAR (PHP Extensions & Application Repository) for all our PHP projects.

    Typical CMS (Content Management System) Features developed:
    • Customer Management
    • Links Management
    • Banner Ad Management
    • Product Management
    • Category Management
    • Newsletter Management
    • Job Management
    • Feedback Management
    • Online Survey Management
    • Admin & Sub-Admin Management
    • Quiz Management
    • Site Usage Tracking Management (For tracking user activities)
    • Multilingual Words Management (For multilingual web-sites)

    Typical Interaction made at K-Soft
    • Integration of Payment K-Soft India (Netbilling, Barclaycard -E PDQ, Pay Link etc.)
    • Integration of Domain Name Registration System (provided by OpenSRS)
    • Integration of Web Hosting Plan (provided by Ensim)
    • Integration of phpBB (popular bulletin board), osCommerce (popular shopping cart) & PHPNuke (popular CMS system)
    • Integration of Comodo API (popular digital certificate provider)

    Experience K-Soft At K-Soft, we have extensively worked on following open source technologies.

    • Apache
    • Boa (Embedded Web Server)
    • Linux
    • uClinux (Embedded Linux)
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • C
    • Tcl-Tk
    • Perl

    We have more than 5000 man-hours (measurable and billable to client) of experience with total of 10 engineers exclusively working in open source technologies mentioned above.