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    Rapid technology advancements and evolving business scenarios call for newer customized solutions or transformation of existing systems to state-of-the-art environments, while retaining the embedded business processes, rules and logic. Continuing shifts in underlying application infrastructure and the lack of expertise for successful development and deployment remain serious stumbling blocks for organizations, worldwide. Additionally, business pressures are pushing managers to justify all costs while delivering enhanced business value.

    Application development managers hence need to judiciously adopt strategies that provide maximum flexibility and effective techniques to manage applications early in the development stages and ensure a long and productive application life.

    K-Soft delivers innovative application development and reengineering services by adopting flexible and scalable architectures that ensure 24x7 business availability and reduced development cycle times.

    K-Soft delivers sophisticated application development methodologies and highly effective prototype-driven Iterative and Incremental Application Development approaches ably supported by our proven offshore delivery model, mature project management practices and stringent software quality standards. These include:

    • Customized development
    • New application development
    • Rapid application development

    Our vast and diverse experience in application development and reengineering has enabled creation of an extensive knowledge base that covers:

    • A sound development and reengineering methodology
    • Project management and execution procedures
    • Testing and QA procedures
    • Testing tools repository
    • Reengineering tools repository

    K-Soft's mature processes, proprietary methodologies, proven offshore development model, and stringent Quality Management Systems minimize development cost; reduce time-to-market and ensure highest quality for our customers. Our best practices in migration and reengineering along with proprietary tools deliver optimised and cost-effective solutions.