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    C, VC++, EVC

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    K-Soft has successfully delivered products for Services, Telecom, Space science and Mobile computing industries using C/C++/VC++ and EVC technologies. K-Soft has also undertaken Research development projects in the field of Image processing for the space science industry.

    Key features implemented
    C, VC++, EVC architecture key features implemented:

    • Object Oriented Approach using Rational Rose to develop applications.
    • Implemented UPNP (Universal Plug N Play) protocol to control home appliances using Internet Gateway devices.
    • Development of COM objects which provides Custom User interface for windows application
    • COM objects Library for integration with Outlook and Outlook express
    • Product development based on Plug-in architecture.
    • Programming for embedded devices
    • Internals of offline file synchronization on Windows 2000 platform.
    • Development of Framework Library for VX Works embedded platform
    • Development in Open GL for image processing

    Experience K-Soft
    K-Soft has done comprehensive research and development, M-Commerce Applications, Client Server business applications and product development. K-Soft's experience as a company with technology has already crossed 32,000 man hours (@ 10 man years) working on 10 challenging offshore projects. At K-Soft we have technically strong team of software engineers to take challenges and deliver most complicated and time pressure jobs. The team {Link to team skill matrix} comprises of senior project managers with combined experience of about 50+ man years and also working abroad at client site for prestigious projects.