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    K-Soft has invested in training resources and developing best practices for application development using Microsoft's .NET architecture. K-Soft's Microsoft Competency Center leverages this expertise to enable rapid, error-free application development to solve specific business problems.

    The Microsoft Competency Center is staffed by experienced and/or, Microsoft Certified professionals with applications development experience in selected Microsoft development environments. Currently the center focuses on developing and enhancing custom application built using C#, VC++ or VB/ASP on the .NET environment.

    Microsoft Technology Expertise
    Languages Visual Basic, Visual C++ (ATL), C, C#, VBA
    Web Technologies HTML, ASP, VB Script, ASP.Net, IIS
    Database SQL Server 7.0/2000 and MS Access
    Middle Tier COM+, Microsoft Commerce Server
    Messaging MS Messaging Queue (MSMQ 3.0)
    Communication .NET Remoting, Web Services (SOAP/HTTP)
    Testing MS Application Test Center, MS web application stress tool
    Documentation NDoc, VBX commenter, ASP C# API Documenting tools
    Other Products MS Project, MS Visio Architect and MS-Office 2003MS Share Point Portal Server, MS InfoPath 2003, MS Exchange Server

    Key features implemented Microsoft .NET architecture key features implemented:

    • Microsoft Compliant / .NET design and development guideline
    • Enterprise Application - N-tier architecture
    • .NET Remoting Architecture (using TCP/HTTP protocol)
    • Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) for asynchronous message delivery
    • Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI) for organization level user access control
    • Windows Services for background processes
    • Web Services using XML - SOAP/HTTP
    • Advanced ADO.NET features
    • Centralized Exception/Error handling

    Experience K-Soft : K-Soft has successfully developed Enterprise Solutions, E-Commerce Portals (B2B and B2C), M-Commerce Applications, ASP Portals, Client Server business applications and product development using MS .NET environment. K-Soft's experience as a company with MS .NET development architecture has already crossed 20,000 man hours (@ 7 man years) working on 15 challenging projects.

    At K-Soft we have technically strong team of software engineers to take challenges and deliver most complicated and time pressure jobs. The team comprises of senior project managers with combined experience of about 50+ man years and also working abroad at client site for prestigious projects. Link to team skill matrix …

    K-Soft has internally developed Microsoft technology based frameworks that enable a developer to jump-start into development right away, without worrying about the intricacies behind database connectivity, File I/O, error handling, session and application management.

    These frameworks encapsulate implementation level details of repetitive code in ASP and COM components. The framework is created to help speed up development time and build web applications with fewer complexities. Using these frameworks, majority of the efforts is focused on the business logic or functionality implementation.

    Apart from this at K-Soft, we also use some of the off the shelf products like:

    • Infragistics suite of products
    • Mere mortal framework (under evaluation)
    • Protection Plus (under evaluation)